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... okay... everything allright?! lights off! spot on! we start now with a classical opening... aaaand action!!!

"Hello World!"

yeah... that's me - hmmm... purest egomania one could assume so far... however this my domain is almost suited to report to the world a little of mine - as many, as I consider to be necessary :-) thus I nevertheless will tell for a while now, who I am and what I do:

I am approx. 28 years old and I am occupied for some time with everything that has to do with computers. Since I was always already technique-inspired and the computer for me is the most fascinating, which mankind brought out as a technical achievement, the computer science study was quasi already pre-programmed for me... or not? by the special subject course "computer science" at my former school I already got myself in the proper mood for the "concern and confusion" of the computer science course at university - so I got involved anyhow some years ago in even this.

thus it came also that I got into, driven by my passion to computer programming, the computer game development, which I handle as a hobby. My first game presented to a larger public is the boardgame conversion Yucata', which is also available on this site for downloading.

"what on earth...", perhaps some might ask now, " he doin' when he doesn't sit in front of the screen??!" - there are a few things (hardly to believe)... however twice in the year I also still take part in the line and organization of fantasyful child freetimes weekends, those in the context of our church community each year at the Carnival and autumn time take place. further information about it under the topic "children" on my start page.

a further hobby is InCapella: an engaged group of young adults at the age of 18 to 35 years, which each week meets on friday for singing. Approximately 12 years ago everything began, when a singing-joyful Vikar created the choir in order to improve the service by presenting new and fresh songs. From a service-supporting choir this group in the meantime developed to a nevertheless quite successful (not-always-church)-music group: "InCapella". We experienced already some musicals and also events with international flair (see pages "InCapella" on these site) - and - oh, we still have a problem: we need basses!! whoever in the world has time and fun - join us every friday at 8 pm: come to the catholic church at "Schubertplatz" in Detmold - there we rehearse!

... so long! Greetings to the World out there! Tobias.

P.S.: still some words left: whom it should not have been noticeable yet: I maintain a mixed german/english style on these pages. That is not sloppiness, but full intention. Some pages are also complete in english - I hope with this practice I reach most of my friends from different countries... (anyways sorry for my nonperfect english - send me corrections if you got disturbed by a mistake) cu, T.